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Unveil offers great set of tools built on top of RPG Maker's engine, using the flexibility and ease of use of Ruby, making it a great platform to develop custom content, widgets, or even completely new experiences.

Introduction to Modding[edit | edit source]

Save yourself the headache. Watch this first before scrolling, clicking, or existing.

Important! Learning the Can and Cannot[edit | edit source]

Modding Unveil does not mean you are editing it's RPG Maker Project. Therefore, most changes done while editing a Scenario's maps won't be imported.

This is very important to understand. Read the Can and Cannot list to save yourself from an infinite loop of headaches. Yes, that is a thing.

Live and file logging[edit | edit source]

Unveil will constantly be logging Package activities right to an invisible terminal, and also logging errors both in the terminal and a Package Log.txt file located at Unveil's directory.

To see this Terminal and inspect what is happening under the hood while you mod, go to Unveil's directory, ensure the game is already closed, and then and double click Unveil Terminal.exe — This will open Unveil with the terminal made visible.

Note you cannot input on this terminal.

Packages (This is what you are looking for)[edit | edit source]

Mods are actually encapsulated and distributed in Packages, which are folders with a specific file structure, and with a ".package" extension on their name.

Learn how to make your own Mod Package.

Coding tools[edit | edit source]

Unveil provides additional tools to RPG Maker, those being the following:

  • Ext_Storytelling — Tools for storytelling, incl. Text Messages, Speech Bubbles, Time Flow and else.
  • Ext_Weather — Weather simulation, Weather Injectors, Simulation Particles, Particle Carriers.